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About our Spectacle Frames

At D&D McWilliams you're sure to find a frame that suits you.

We stock a wide variety of frames that are hand-picked and chosen from designers from all over the world and we are always updating our selection for new fashions and unique features.

One of our friendly and highly skilled Optical Advisors will be on hand to make selecting the right frame easy. And if nothing in store seems to be 'the one' then we are always happy to order in frames especially for you to try.

Our Spectacle Frames

Specialist Childrens Eyewear

The typical Children's spectacle frame is the same as an adults, just with smaller proportions. In the case of extremely young children, children with smaller facial characteristics than normal or those with downs syndrome these are rarely ideal, often resulting in the spectacles being uncomfortable to wear, too large or even constantly slipping - to the point that the glasses won't be worn.

We stock and can specially order frames with these issues in mind. Both Tomato and Erin's World manufacture spectacles designed specifically for children and with these issues in mind. Their frames are lightweight, strong and fully adjustable to get a perfect fit.

Sports Eyewear

We stock a range of eyewear designed with active lifestyles and sports in mind, whether it be for running, cycling, alpine sports, football or the even more adventurous. Sports frames are typically close fitting, wrap styles and made to be impact resistant and light while sports lenses often are made of polycarbonate materials (the same that is used in industrial safety glasses) and often feature a choice of tints tailored to your activities. We can also provide prescription lenses for these frames.

Particularly we stock Adidas Sports Performance Eyewear. Adidas Sports Frames are designed with athletic performance in mind. Their wrap-round frames are extremely durable, light and highly adaptable to ensure a perfect, no-nonsense fit. They come with interchangable lenses that are designed to repel sweat, avoid misting up during exercise and come in a wide range of glare-reducing, contrast enhancing or polarised tints.


We have an extensive range of sunglasses all year round, including polarised and mirror-tinted options. We stock brands such as Rayban, Ted Baker, Guess, Swarovski and many, many more.

Of particular note are the range of Maui Jim sunglasses we stock, which are some of the best on the market for their design and quality. Their polarising lenses not only reduce glare but also enhance colours so they are much more vibrant. They also have a unique mirror, bi-gradient tint that adds protection from light through the top and bottom of each lens.

For more information about our Spectacle Frames or to book an appointment with us please call us on: