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Hidden Hearing Services

Hidden Hearing offer ear wax removal and free hearing tests at D&D McWilliams


Ear wax removal
Is your hearing being affected by ear wax?

Hearing loss, pain or discomfort in your ears could all be signs of ear wax build-up in the ear canal.

If you’re suffering from ear problems, we provide a simple procedure to have your wax removed that could improve your hearing almost immediately.

Our practitioners use micro-suction, the latest and safest technology for ear wax removal. A low-pressure suction probe is placed inside your ears and acts like a tiny vacuum cleaner to gently remove any excess wax and debris. The procedure is effective and painless.

After removing your ear wax, your practitioner will carry out a standard hearing assessment. This is just a routine check to make sure your hearing is working as it should.


How to book an ear wax removal appointment

Clinics are booked directly with Hidden Hearing and take place at D&D McWilliams.

Prices start at £80 per appointment for both ears.

We recommend that you use Earol® for five days leading up to your appointment. Earol® is an olive oil based spray that will help soften your wax, making it easier to remove.

Book your appointment by calling Hidden Hearing on 0800 740 8286.


If you need to cancel your appointment

You must give Hidden Hearing at least two clear working days’ notice before cancelling, otherwise your appointment will be non-refundable.







Free hearing tests

Is your hearing as good as it can be?


Hearing loss can affect you at any age. But no matter how old you are, recognising the signs early will benefit you in the long term.

Are you:
Asking others to repeat themselves?
Having difficulties understanding people on the phone?
Being told you’ve got the TV up too loud?

If you can relate to any of the above, you might be suffering from a hearing problem.

Our hour-long hearing tests are free and could set you on the path towards better hearing health and a better quality of life. We know that everyone’s hearing problems are individual, so your hearing solution will be.

How to book your free hearing test

To book your free test, call Hidden Hearing on 0800 037 0406.